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A Tramp Abroad


A Tramp Abroad


Author: Mark Twain

If you are a Mark Twain fan or devotee, this new adaptation of A Tramp Abroad is one of those you may wish to have in your collection. Because the editor has chosen to deliberately emphasize certain elements of this classic travel journal, you get to know Mark Twain the man a little better, and why he continues to be such an inspiration. This is a wonderful literary treat—cherish it.

—Pamela Behring

A very entertaining adaptation of Mark Twain’s A Tramp Abroad. A natural gadfly, Mark Twain’s work is always entertaining and enlightening.  Delightful!

—Jose Infante

A Tramp Abroad is one of the most beloved of Mark Twain’s works. The great writer is here doing what he is best at, telling stories in full color and hilarious detail, as he and a friend tramp up and down mountains and across Europe in the 1800’s. This new adaptation is utterly satisfying fare.

—Ardis Lehne

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