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Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities


Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities


A Tale Of Two Cities has become one of the most widely read and influential books ever written.  

It reveals the astounding range, subtlety, artistry, and depth of thought of a true literary colossus, Charles Dickens.

Published in hundreds of editions and translated into virtually every modern language, it has not been out of print since 1859.

* Contains extended historical context: A Critical Essay, The Legacy of Charles Dickens By Gregory Harkness, author of The Basics of Life.

A Tale Of Two Cities is one of Charles Dickens’ rare and genuine masterpieces; an enchanting work of artistry deserving of the label in a thousand different ways.  It can be found on countless lists of the finest literary works of all time, and is one of his major achievements.

CHARLES DICKENS (1812-1870), one of the greatest authors of the Victorian Period, transformed the art of fiction. The author of numerous novels and short stories, including Great Expectations, A Tale Of Two Cities, David Copperfield, and Bleak House, he is considered to be a literary colossus, and a central figure in the development of the modern novel.  

A Tale Of Two Cities has emerged over time as one of Dickens’ greatest testaments to individualism, assuring the world of the value, power, and beauty of the unchained self.
— Samuel Grayson

The countless admirers of Charles Dickens will be delighted by the appearance of this lavishly produced twenty-first century edition of A Tale Of Two Cities.

—Matt Travers

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