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In this masterful play, Gemma is a young woman still living at home with her grimly dependent mother.

Because she is overweight and feels unattractive, Gemma has spent much of her life feeling insecure about herself.  

At home, Gemma is dominated by her mother, confined to her bed by a paralyzing accident. Gemma has become her sole caregiver.

On a daily basis, this love-smothering mother reminds her vulnerable daughter of her personal failures and shortcomings.

Gemma is so uncertain about putting herself at risk emotionally, she has taken refuge in an office building parking lot, as a cashier on the night shift.

This immaculate little character study of a lonely young woman and a young man who find each other, is warm and winning.

It is a quiet, simple story about the frustration of crushed dreams, and the courage it takes to develop new hope.

Its themes are universal, and audiences will quickly identify with it. Its emotions are honest.

It is a new work of extraordinary quality by the distinguished American author Jane Dossick.

JANE DOSSICK is the author of numerous books, including Creative Therapy, Inheritance, and the play Gemma. She lives in New York.

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