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Mark Twain in Seattle


Mark Twain in Seattle


Mark Twain In Seattle, a daring and utterly charming novella, describes something incredible that takes place between a University of Washington undergraduate, and a sick old man.

Late one evening, Taz, a student, helps a raggedy old homeless man who has fallen in the street, to his feet.

When asked, the man gives his name as Samuel Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain.

Philip Dossick weaves a fantastical story, yet behind its magical realism lies a mountain of wit that takes flight and stays aloft until its inevitable end.

All in all, Mark Twain In Seattle is a rare jewel, a joy to read.

This one’s for the ages.

—Christopher Gartenberg

“Mark Twain In Seattle” might better have been called “A Tramp In Seattle.” But why quibble? You might just decide to sit down and read this soon to be iconic fable in one sitting. It is just that good.

—Lark F. Singh

Philip Dossick’s cinematic roots are showing. Mark Twain In Seattle reads like a classic film script, and delivers on every page. A beautiful love story, deftly told.

—Ben Brand

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