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Other People's Money And How The Banks Use It


Other People's Money And How The Banks Use It


Praise for this edition of the timeless classic, Other Peoples Money And How The Banks Use It by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis:

“This powerful adaptation by New York Times critically acclaimed director and author Philip Dossick, has been acclaimed as easily the best and most cogent version of Other Peoples Money And How The Banks Use It to appear in years. 

“In it, Brandeis denounces corporatism, monopolies, investment bankers, and above all, the total consolidation of American wealth in the hands of a privileged few. 

“Completely uncensored, there are few indictments of the American banking system as incendiary. Long considered one of the major muckraking exposés of the twentieth century, it still speaks powerfully to our own times. 

Philip Dossick superbly renders its message with unique clarity and elegance.”

  — A.G. Stegnall

“A quick read. A great read. What makes this series of classic uncensored adaptations so successful is the way they have been lovingly crafted. Near perfect, they honor their source material and capture the humor, the drama, the passion, the excitement, the sheer narrative exuberance, that have made each of these works timeless classics.”

— Sheppard Jacinto 

PHILIP DOSSICK is the New York Times critically acclaimed writer and director of the motion picture The P.O.W. He has written for television, including the outstanding drama, Transplant, produced by David Susskind for CBS. His most recent books include Aztecs: Epoch Of Social Revolution, Sex And Dreams, Mark Twain In Seattle, and Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die.

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