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Philip Dossick: The Naked Citizen: Notes on Privacy in the 21st Century


Philip Dossick: The Naked Citizen: Notes on Privacy in the 21st Century


Feel like someone’s watching? You’re probably right. Your anonymity is an illusion. 

The trend toward constant surveillance is disturbing. 
Supporters often argue, “If you're obeying the law, you have nothing to fear.”

But is that really true?

 While many refuse to acknowledge the possibility of an worldwide Orwellian nightmare, others know that creeping totalitarianism thrives best when it moves quietly in the shadows.

In the 1970’s, the idea of a national identification card was floated, which led to great protest. We no longer need a national identity card: it already exists. It’s your phone.

In his prophetic The Naked Citizen, Philip Dossick points an ominous warning finger at how our civil rights are at risk and need to be protected against the abuses of illicit surveillance.

PHILIP DOSSICK is the New York Times critically acclaimed writer and director of the motion picture The P.O.W.
He has written for television, including the outstanding drama, Transplant, produced by David Susskind for CBS.
His most recent books include Aztecs: Epoch Of Social Revolution, Sex And Dreams, Mark Twain In Seattle, The Naked Citizen: Notes On Privacy In The Twenty-First Century, Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die, The Deposition, Vincent Van Gogh: Madness And Magic, Oscar Wilde: Sodomy and Heresy, Abraham Lincoln: 5 Speeches that Changed America, Martin Luther King: 5 Speeches that Changed America, Barack Obama: 15 Speeches That Changed America, Nelson Mandela: 5 Speeches that Changed South Africa, Gandhi: 5 Speeches That Changed The World, Lenny Bruce: The Myth of Free Speech, Ghost Dance Prophets: From Martin Luther King to Mahatma Gandhi, and Times That try Men's Souls: Henry David Thoreau and Thomas Paine on Slavery and Civil Disobedience.

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