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Philip Dossick's Mark Twain in Seattle


Philip Dossick's Mark Twain in Seattle


Mr. S.L. Clemens, known by his writings as Mark Twain, having fallen victim to a perilous fever of extraordinary ferocity, and having been forsaken by his doctor as a hopeless case, almost certainly on his deathbed, had taken a patent medicine cure-all, Dr. Vootie’s Galvanically Therapeutic Heroin Elixir, whereupon his condition improved considerable, and his visions carried him far, to a shining city of the future called Seattle…

Praise for Mark Twain In Seattle:

"Mark Twain In Seattle,” a daring and utterly charming novella, describes something incredible that takes place between a University of Washington undergraduate, and a sick old man.
Late one evening, Taz, a student, helps a homeless man who has fallen in the street, to his feet.

When asked, the man gives his name as Samuel Clemens. The Samuel Clemens, or Mark Twain.

Philip Dossick weaves a fantastical story, yet behind its magical realism lies a mountain of wit that takes flight and stays aloft until its inevitable end.
All in all, Mark Twain In Seattle is a rare jewel, a joy to read.

This one’s for the ages.

—Christopher Gartenberg

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