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Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die


Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die


What could possibly go wrong? Gloria Soto was 24, climbing the ladder of success, and enjoying life. And then things took a turn for the worse…

Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die is an astonishing literary cocktail that mixes illegal immigration, murder, suicide, friendship, betrayal, and a woman’s desire for vengeance. The biggest twists are saved for the final pages of Philip Dossick’s diabolical peach of a book.
 — Gary V. Hammond

A stellar performance. Philip Dossick's thought-provoking, expertly fashioned novel, Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die, examines the nuances of cowardice, patriotism, rage, and murder to great effect.

One of the most striking features of Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die is its separation of protagonists and plot: Gloria Soto and her hapless husband Froio become hostages of a seemingly predetermined chain of events, with the deck stacked against them at every turn.

Throughout, Dossick’s minimalist prose chronicles their fate with vibrancy and precision .
— Marcus Tomlinson

Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die is highly entertaining, with a great story and social commentary on illegal immigration, police brutality, cowardice, betrayal, and above all, The New America.

 — Elizabeth Campbell

PHILIP DOSSICK is the New York Times critically acclaimed writer and director of the motion picture The P.O.W. He has written for television, including the outstanding drama, Transplant, produced by David Susskind for CBS. His most recent books include Aztecs: Epoch Of Social Revolution, Sex And Dreams, Mark Twain In Seattle, Oscar Wilde: Sodomy and Heresy, The Naked Citizen: Notes On Privacy In The Twenty-First Century, Raymond Chowder And Bob Skloot Must Die, The Deposition, Vincent Van Gogh: Madness and Magic, Lenny Bruce: The Myth of Free Speech, Barack Obama: 15 Speeches That Changed America, Ghost Dance Prophets: From Martin Luther King to Mahatma Gandhi, and Times That Try Men’s Souls: Henry David Thoreau and Thomas Paine on Slavery and Civil Disobedience.

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