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The Way Of The Lawless


The Way Of The Lawless


“Far away in the western sky, Lanning saw a black dot that moved in wide circles and came up across the heavens slowly, and he knew it was a buzzard that scented carrion…”

The Way Of The Lawless is the pioneering novel set in the Wild West by American author Max Brand, as he joined the ranks of the legendary Zane Grey, Owen Wister, and Louis L'Amour, and helped create the familiar archetypes of character, setting, and action that dominate western fiction and film today.

As the story opens, young Andrew Lanning is forced through circumstance to make one horrible mistake and is thereby forced into the life of a fugitive outlaw.

Now the most feared lawman in the state, Hal Dozier, is on his trail, and will stop at nothing to bring Lanning to justice.

But is Andrew guilty of all the terrible things he is being accused of?

One young woman doesn't think so.

Max Brand has woven a spellbinding classic tale with good guys, villains, chases, and romance all set against the stark beauty of the old west.

MAX BRAND (1892-1944) real name: Frederick Faust was an American author known primarily for his classic Westerns under the pen name Max Brand, and the Dr. Kildare series from television and movies. Brand burst on the scene with this striking novel less than two decades after Owen Wister’s The Virginian and just as Zane Grey was topping the bestseller lists. In those three writers one can trace the evolution of western storytelling from history into myth.


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