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Smith College Stories


Smith College Stories


Smith College Stories is Josephine Daskam Bacon’s timeless collection of short stories set at Smith College, the author's alma mater, written in 1900.

A stunning tour de force, it reveals the artistry and depth of a major feminist master.

It has not been out of print since 1900.

It is one of Daskam Bacon’s major achievements.

"Beautiful!" said Theodora, earnestly. One half of the gallery—her half—was all trimmed with yellow and purple. Great yellow chrysanthemums flowered on every pillar, and enormous purple shields with yellow numerals lined the wall.

“Crossed banners and flags filled in the intervals, and from the middle beam depended a great purple butterfly with yellow wings, flapping defiance at a red and green insect of indistinguishable species that decorated the other side.

“A bevy of ushers in white duck, with boutonnières of English violets or single American beauties, took their places and began to pin on crêpe paper sunbonnets of yellow or green, chattering and watching the clock.

“A tall senior, with a red silk waist and a green scarf across her breast, was arranging a box near the centre of the sophomore side and practicing maintaining her balance on it while she waved a red baton.

“She was the leader of the Glee Club, and she would lead the sophomore songs. Theodora heard a confused scuffle on the stairs, and in a few seconds the galleries were crowded with the rivers of color that poured from the entrance doors. It seemed that they were full now, but she knew that twice as many more would crowd in.

“Beneath and all around her was the hum and rumble of countless feet and voices, but in the room all was still.

“The Team sat on the floor staring at their captain, who was talking earnestly in a low voice—giving directions apparently. The juniors who coached them opened the door and grinned cheerfully.”

Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon (1876–1961) was American writer of unique talent. She published books of poetry, wrote about women's issues and was a pioneer in the Girl Scouts movement. Bacon graduated from Smith College in 1898 then famously published a collection of ten short stories inspired by her experiences. Author of numerous works, including Smith College Stories (1900) Sister's Vocation, And Other Girls' Stories (1900) The Imp And The Angel (1901) Fables For The Fair (1901) The Best Nonsense Verses (ed) (1901) Whom The Gods Destroyed (1902) The Madness Of Philip.. (1902) Poems (1903) Middle Aged Love Stories (1903) Her Fiancé (1904) Memoirs Of A Baby (1904) The Imp And The Angel (1907) The Domestic Adventurers (1907) An Idyll Of All Fool's Day (1908) Ten To Seventeen (1908) Margarita's Soul (1909) In The Border Country (1909) The Biography Of A Boy (1910) While Caroline Was Growing (1911) The Inheritance (1912) The Strange Cases Of Dr. Stanchon (1913) she is considered to be a central figure in the development of the modern feminist novel.  



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