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A Master of Mysteries


A Master of Mysteries


A Master of Mysteries is a collection of six seemingly impossible (supernatural?) cases narrated by Mr. John Bell, the well-known ghost-hunter who seeks to debunk and expose the truth behind ghosts and haunting.

In his own words, Bell “proposes to relate the histories of certain queer events, enveloped at first in mystery, and apparently dark with portent, but, nevertheless, when grappled with in the true spirit of science, capable of explanation."

"The Mystery of the Circular Chamber" involves Bell investigating the strange death of Archibald Wentworth in a supposedly haunted bedroom of the rural Tower Inn, a hostelry whose three occupants are anything but welcoming.

The next story involves the Clinton family, which, as happens so often in mysteries, lives in what was once an abbey. (And as is often the case, there's a terrible curse on the family.)

Four other equally haunting tales soon follow.

L.T. MEADE (Elizabeth Meade Smith) (1844–1914) wrote in a variety of genres, including mysteries and occult detective stories.

ROBERT EUSTICE (Eustace Robert Barton) (1854–1943) was an English doctor and author of mystery and crime fiction that explored themes of scientific phenomena.


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