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H. Rider Haggard - S H E


H. Rider Haggard - S H E


S H E, one of the great mythical creations of the late 19th century, continues to fascinate generations of readers more than a century after its publication.

Highly popular when first published in England in 1887, S H E follows the adventures of Leo Vancey and Horace Holly on an expedition to Africa.

There they encounter many dangerous trials, including shipwreck, sickness, and hostile natives, before discovering a legendary lost city buried in a system of underground caverns deep below the earth’s surface.

Here that they meet Ayesha, a mythological queen who is monstrous and all-powerful, as mysterious and frightening as she is desirable, and lethal.

Her magical walk through a pillar of fire has rendered her immortal, yet she lives on interminably to wait for the reincarnation of her love, Kallikrates.

When Ayesha becomes convinced that Leo is her reincarnated love, he and his friend must decide if the goal of their quest is worth risking their lives with a woman who is deadlier than the male.

H. RIDER HAGGARD, (1856 -1925,) was an English novelist best known for his romantic adventures S H E and King Solomon’s Mines. His novels have been called romantic parables, and described as excitingly alive and imaginative by such masters of fiction as Robert Louis Stevenson and George Orwell.

"Do any of the moderns equal H. Rider Haggard as spinners of suspense yarns?"
― Los Angeles Times

"Haggard could spin a yarn so full of suspense and color that you couldn't put the story down."
― Washington Post


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