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The Sea-Wolf


The Sea-Wolf


Few writers have captured the living texture of life at sea as well as Jack London, deservedly establishing The Sea-Wolf as a seafaring classic.

Wolf Larsen is one of the most vital and original characters Jack London ever created.

The novel begins when young Humphrey Van Weyden is swept overboard into San Francisco Bay, and plucked from the sea by Wolf Larsen's seal-hunting vessel, the Ghost.

This ship's captain, Wolf Larsen - The Sea-Wolf - is a murderous tyrant who uses his superhuman strength to torture and destroy, his brilliant mind to invent sick games, and his relentless will to control his mutinous crew.

Pressed into service as a cabin boy by Larsen, Van Weyden becomes an unwilling participant in a brutal shipboard drama.

Larsen's increasingly murderous abuse of the crew fuels a mounting tension that ultimately boils into mutiny, shipwreck, and a desperate confrontation.

JACK LONDON (1876-1916) was an activist, journalist, short-story writer, novelist, and one of the most widely translated of American authors.  London published over 50 books, and is most famous for The Sea Wolf, White Fang, The Call of the Wild, Martin Eden and The People of the Abyss.




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