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“Outside, the wind was howling over the marshes, and occasional bursts of rain came streaming against the window panes…”

The Devil’s Paw is one of the earliest spy novels set during World War I.

Julian Orden, an aristocratic soldier permanently injured during the war; is he a patriot or is there more to him than meets the eye?

Catherine is a beautiful and intelligent young woman of German and Russian heritage; is she a spy or a patriot?

With many superb plot twists, it is a fine introduction to the recurrent themes of Oppenheim's more than 150 published novels and collections.

EDWARD PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM (1866–1946) was a highly prolific author of mystery and espionage thrillers, an internationally popular British author of novels and short stories dealing with espionage and intrigue. One of Oppenheim's pastimes was to frequent the cafes and restaurants of London, and study the different types of human character.  His fellow-writers often wondered when he wrote, for he was never seen at work. He used to spend long hours golfing. Among his best-known works are The Evil Shepherd, The Double Traitor, Stolen Idols, and The Malefactor.


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