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A Dog of Flanders


A Dog of Flanders


First published in 1872, A Dog of Flanders tells the tender story of Nello, a gentle boy with aspirations of becoming a painter, and Patrasche — his devoted dog.

The two, along with Nello's grandfather, live in a little village near Antwerp where Nello's idol, the artist Rubens, once worked.

Nello and Patrasche suffer countless hardships: poverty, hunger, cruelty, and rejection. But they persevere in the face of adversity, up to their tragic, bittersweet end.

Rich in the sentiment of its Romantic tradition, yet convincing in its portrayal of both human and animal nature, this poignant classic has tugged at the heartstrings of readers and listeners alike for generations.

It remains one of the nineteenth century's most imaginative works of fiction for children.

Under the pen name of Ouida, English author Marie Louise de la Ramée (1839-1908) wrote many popular novels in the 1870s and 80s. During her career, Ouida wrote more than 40 novels, children's books and collections of short stories and essays.

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