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A Honeymoon in Space


A Honeymoon in Space


Who says classic science fiction is all hard edges and introverted heroes? Published in 1901, one of the first novels about interplanetary travel, A Honeymoon in Space takes readers on a fantastic journey across the solar system as we follow newlyweds Zaidie Rettick and Lord Redgrave on their post-nuptial journey throughout the solar system.

Along the way they encounter an astonishing array of mind-boggling alien cultures and creatures.

Lenox, Earl of Redgrave, has made the greatest scientific discovery in the history of the world: a flying ship with the power to break free of Earth’s gravity and take to the stars. But before he uses it to expand humanity’s understanding of the universe, he has some personal business to attend to: namely, wooing back an old flame.
The lady in question is Zaidie, the daughter of Lenox’s colleague Professor Rennick.

With Zaidie about to be forced into a loveless marriage, Lenox knows he must do something drastic. And soon!

He steals her away and flies her into outer space—literally.

Griffith’s accounts of other planets are marvelously entertaining—from subterranean civilizations on the moon to the militaristic Martians to the musical inhabitants of Venus.

This remarkable space adventure makes for a memorable honeymoon indeed.

GEORGE GRIFFITH (1857–1906), was a British science fiction writer and explorer who wrote during the late Victorian and Edwardian age. Many of his visionary tales appeared in Pearson's Weekly before being published as novels. Griffith's major works include The Angel of the Revolution (1893), Olga Romanoff (1894), The Outlaws of the Air (1898), The World Masters (1903), and A Conquest of Fortune (1906).


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