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False Evidence


False Evidence


Herbert Devereux, the son of Sir Francis Devereux, is a soldier in Africa. A gallant soldier, he is dismissed by his regiment and disowned by his father because he has been found guilty—on false evidence—of cowardice in the field.

In the heat of battle, he deserts his post to go to the rescue of a fellow officer, his half-brother Rupert Devereux.

But during his Court Martial, he is found guilty of desertion when his half-brother testifies against him.

He returns home in disgrace.

Years later, living in obscurity in Devonshire, Herbert Devereaux (now known as Arbuthnot) and his son come upon a traveler lost on the moors on a stormy night.

It is his hated brother, Rupert.

EDWARD PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM (1866–1946) was a highly prolific author of mystery and espionage thrillers, an internationally popular British author of novels and short stories dealing with espionage and intrigue. One of Oppenheim's pastimes was to frequent the cafes and restaurants of London, and study the different types of human character.  His fellow-writers often wondered when he wrote, for he was never seen at work. He used to spend long hours golfing. Among his best-known works are The Evil Shepherd, The Double Traitor, Stolen Idols, and The Malefactor.


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