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Invasion of the Super-Ants


Invasion of the Super-Ants


In Invasion of the Super-Ants a new strain of super-intelligent, venomous ants invade Fleet Street, devouring all in their path including a bus-load of passengers.

Watching horrified, Henry Mayence, Mr. Vidal douse themselves in gasoline as a deterrent—but how long can they hold out against an army of billions?

With Central London ablaze and ringed in a cordon of poison, it transpires that the attacks have spread countrywide.

"It's a conquest, an arranged business, I tell you" warns Vidal the wood engraver, who's seen it all before in Venezuela.

Can it be true?

Is mankind really facing death by doom?

ROBERT COUTTS ARMOUR (1874-1945) was an Australian author who wrote popular science fiction under his own name as well as various pseudonyms, including Coutts Brisbane, Pierre Quiroule and others. He published more than 100 tales including stories set in Napoleonic Europe.


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