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Notre Coeur


Notre Coeur


"It amused her so much to feel them gradually conquered, dominated by her invincible power as a woman, to become for them the Unique, and Sovereign Idol!"

Guy De Maupassant, protégé of Gustave Flaubert, is considered one of the fathers of the modern short story and a master novelist.

The last novel written by Maupassant before he fell into madness and died three years later in 1893, Notre Coeur is a rich and innovative study of love and mortification.

If men often abuse women, Notre Coeur is the tale of a man who is tortured by a woman.

Young André Mariolle is introduced by his friend and musician Massival to the beautiful and coquettish Michelle de Burne.

Madame de Burne is a young widow, narcissistic and manipulative, who aspires only to be loved and admired, an activity she lives as a game.

André promptly falls head over heels in love with Michelle—an all-consuming tortured and devouring passion without bounds—until his heart and soul are broken.

GUY de MAUPASSANT (1850–1893) is generally considered to be among the very finest French writers. He is the author of Deux Amis, Mother Savage, Mademoiselle Fifi, Bel-Ami, Le Horla, and numerous other novels and short stories.


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