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The Book of Werewolves


The Book of Werewolves


SABINE BARING-GOULD (1834-1924) British author, was a prolific writer, composer and collector of folklore. Among his scores of published works are the multi-volume Lives of the Saints, original hymns including “Onward, Christian Soldiers,” and The Book of Werewolves.

This work is the most frequently cited early study of lycanthropy and is regarded by most scholars as the foundation work in the field, says crypto-zoologist Loren Coleman.

As a collection of European (and some world) folklore on werewolves, it’s impressive, made all the more so by the clear-headed presentation of many aspects of lycanthropy.

The book is more than an assorted collection of superstitions. Published in 1865, it contains a combination of personal experiences, werewolf lore through the centuries, psychological insights and speculations.

Gould delves into its Greek origins with the tale of Lycaon, but notably, also explores Scandinavian and French traditions.

Significantly, the author looks at well-documented cases of lycanthropy through the centuries and after cataloguing them, later assesses them as perhaps representing a serious, verifiable mental illness.

For the serious student of lycanthropic lore, The Book of Werewolves is a fascinating and timeless read.



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