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The Forsyte Saga [Complete Series]


The Forsyte Saga [Complete Series]


The Man of Property

Indian Summer of a Forsyte

In Chancery


To Let

Few writers have captured the living texture of life as well as John Galsworthy. The Forsyte Saga [Complete Series] is a series of three novels and two interludes published between 1906 and 1921 by Nobel Prize-winning John Galsworthy, chronicling the lives of an English family over 34 years—from the Victorian era through World War I.

The Forsytes are a moneyed clan whose values are ever at war with its passions— superior, arrogant and confident family in the luscious prose that would establish him as one of English literature’s brightest luminaries.

Soames Forsyte is the brilliantly conceived central figure of the series, a Victorian who outlives the age, and whose bewildered passion for his beautiful but unresponsive wife Irene—a chilly beauty who marries Soames for his money but openly despises him, drives him to despicable behavior.

Their childless marriage is calamitous and one whose tragedies, for him, her and others, multiply and converge.

A partner in the family's law firm, Soames is a hypocrite who projects a false moral superiority while at the same time being judgmental, cold and arrogant while treating members of his own family as rubbish.

Masterworks of intricate creation, each of the stories has stood the test of time, and are remarkable for their explorations of the legal and political restraints on women of the time, their desires for love, family, companionship, and ultimately, wealth and security.

JOHN GALSWORTHY (1867–1933) was a British novelist and playwright. His most notable works include The Forsyte Saga (1906–1921) and its sequels, A Modern Comedy and End of the Chapter. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1932.

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