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The Night Operator


The Night Operator


The Night Operator follows a panorama of brave railroad men responsible for the safety of others, who meet their obligations with abounding courage: "Toodles," the spunky night operator; Royal Carlton, the big superintendent; Regan, the master-mechanic, and Tim O'Toole, the valorous Everyman.

Superbly written stories of the early days of the great railroad's Rocky Mountain "Hill Division" with lots of railroad metaphors, plenty of action and colorful characters each focusing on a particular person who works for the railroad written in a conversational style.

Lots of fun, with a few heartstrings tugged along the way.

FRANK L. PACKARD (1877-1942), a Canadian Novelist and railway engineer, wrote the Jimmie Dale mysteries and other works, including The Miracle Man The Beloved Traitor, The Sin That Was His, Door of the Night, The Wire Devils, Coogan's Last Run, The Night Operator and Pawned. Doors of the Night is quite possibly his greatest mystery novel, a remarkable tale of the cold, shadowy byways of New York’s underworld that surely influenced such future masters as Dashiell Hammett and James M. Cain.

“Frank L. Packard is a past-master of the thrilling story.”
--Philadelphia Ledger



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