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The Trembling of a Leaf


The Trembling of a Leaf


“The tragedy of love is not death or separation. The tragedy of love is indifference…”

The Trembling of a Leaf has become one of the most widely read and influential collection of short stories ever written.

Literary fiction fans will delight in this exquisitely wrought collection by W. Somerset Maugham, one of the most noteworthy artists of the twentieth century.

Published in hundreds of editions and translated into virtually every modern language, it has not been out of print since 1921.

The collection, all set in the South Seas, includes the famous short story "Rain" often adapted for both theater and film under the name Miss Sadie Thompson.

"Macintosh" is a tense psychological study of two officials on a remote tropic island.

"The Fall of Edward Barnard" is a precursor to Maugham's brilliant The Razor's Edge.

"The Pool" tells a poignant and tragic tale about the pitfalls for love across cultures.

W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM (1874-1965), transformed the art of fiction. Author of numerous novels, plays, and short stories, including The Moon and Sixpence, The Painted Veil, and Of Human Bondage, he is considered to be a literary colossus, and a central figure in the development of the modern novel.

“Deep and profound, disturbing and fascinating, concise and exhaustive–as only Maugham could write…”






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